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AC Installation in Woodland & Walnut Creek, CA

Installing your new AC unit may be more complicated than you expected. If done incorrectly, you can harm yourself and damage your new unit. Instead of struggling to figure it out yourself, call the AC installation experts at Deluxe Air in Walnut Creek, CA. With more than a decade of experience and the highest trained technicians in the industry, you can be confident that when you choose to work with us, you’re choosing to work with the best. You can rest assured that our expertly trained technicians will professionally install your AC unit without a problem.

What’s involved in AC installation

Installing an air conditioning unit is a complex procedure that requires hands-on experience and expert knowledge of the proper methods. While the actual steps required for AC installation can vary slightly depending upon the type of unit being installed, the general process remains the same.

First, we’ll make sure that you have the correct licensing or permit required by your city. Once the license or permit has been secured, we’ll disassemble and remove the old AC unit to make room for the new one. If your unit involves ducts, we’ll install new ducts and repair old ones that are still usable to ensure the highest efficiency of your system. Then, we’ll begin prepping the site for the installation. This involves laying a concrete block for your unit to rest on or installing roof supports for packaged air conditioner systems.

After the area’s been adequately prepped, our technicians precisely position and secure the unit. If you’re replacing or installing an indoor unit as well, we’ll take care of that next. Once it’s in place, we’ll connect the indoor and outdoor elements and determine the appropriate dimensions of refrigerant lines and drain pipes, as well as electrical components. Next, we’ll vacuum-clean the refrigerant lines to rid them of particles and contaminants and then charge it with refrigerant. The final step is to turn your new unit on and do a thorough inspection to make sure everything is functioning well, looks great, and sounds normal. And finally, we don’t leave without making sure you’re completely satisfied.

What can we install?

Our expert technicians professionally handle AC installation of any type of unit. Whether you’ve purchased a ductless system, packaged air conditioner, heat pumps, central unit, or split system, we’ve got the expertise to install it correctly. We’re not limited by brands, either. If you were able to purchase it, we’re able to install it.

Upgrade and sales options

Are you living with an old AC unit that’s not energy efficient? Our expert and friendly staff can help you to choose an upgrade that will perform better, be more cost and energy efficient, and fit into your budget. We sell high-quality units of all varieties, and when you purchase a new unit from us, it comes with a warranty and 24-hour service and repair if it fails or malfunctions.

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