Furnace Installation in Woodland & Walnut Creek, CA

Has your old furnace failed and you don’t know how to install a new one? Was the installation process for your heating system more complicated than you thought? Don’t suffer through another cold night. Deluxe Air in Woodland, CA, does professional furnace installation services at competitive pricing. We can install many different types of heating systems in your home. Our customer satisfaction guarantee means that we’re confident in our work and value our customers and their experiences with us. If you need expert installation of your new furnace, rely on us. We perform above industry standards and go the extra mile to make your day.

The installation process

Furnace installation is an involved process that only a professional should take on. Hooking up connections incorrectly or not flushing fuel gases from the lines are common mistakes people often make when trying to install their new furnace. Unfortunately, these errors can have dangerous consequences, including a ruined heating system and lost investment.

Although the installation process can vary between different types of heating systems, many of the overall steps are similar. Most installations start by removing the old heating system from your home and then we’ll get the area ready for the new unit to be installed.

The installation itself begins by getting the new equipment into position and aligning it with the ductwork. We’ll connect the return and boot, reattach the old plenum, and connect the gas line, being sure to check for leaks and security. Next, we’ll flush fuel gases from the pipes and then reconnect the thermostat. Once everything’s in place and hooked up, we’ll connect your unit to the power supply and fire it up. Once we’re finished, we do a final furnace installation inspection with you to make sure it’s running smoothly, working correctly, and that everything is to your preference. If it’s working perfectly, then your new equipment is fully installed and ready to enjoy.

Furnaces we can install

Many types of heating systems are popular today, including furnaces, boilers, electric heat pumps, central HVAC units, and more. You shouldn’t be limited in your installation choices based on the type of heating system you have. That’s why Deluxe Air is able to do expert installations of every type of heating system out there. Our technicians are extensively trained to provide exceptional service for all types of heating systems. No job is too big or too small for us. Whether you need a central unit or a furnace installed, our experts will get the job done to the highest industry standards.

Our difference

When you buy a heating unit or schedule furnace installation with us, you’re buying more than that one service. You’re investing in the future of your heating system’s life. We offer 24/7 repair services, decades of expert knowledge and experience, and exceptional customer care every time you call. If you have a heating system that’s out of date, no longer functioning, or isn’t efficient, we can help you with an update. We have friendly team members that will help you upgrade your system to one you’ll love, taking into consideration everything from price to function to energy efficiency. We offer warranties to make sure you’re covered if anything goes wrong and we keep the most efficient and affordable heaters in stock.

If you need an upgrade, invest in more than a furnace. Invest in a lasting relationship with a company that cares about you and has your back. From our affordable pricing to our expert team, you’ll appreciate us almost as much as we appreciate you.

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