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Are you struggling to stay warm this winter, even though your furnace seems to always be on? Has your energy bill just kept rising while your comfort levels lower? Don’t take signs like these for granted. If your heater or furnace isn’t functioning efficiently and your energy bills have been high, don’t wait any longer to get them fixed! The expert team of technicians at Deluxe Air in Woodland, CA, are the pros for the job. With our rigorous training program, decades of experience, and full dedication to providing exceptional service to every customer, we offer unbeatable broken furnace repairs at competitive prices. No matter what system you have, we’re able to repair it because we’re trained across various brands and various types.

Fixing a faulty furnace

If you own a home, chances are you’ll have to deal with a malfunctioning furnace, whether it’s an issue with burners or the pilot light or even the filters. If your heater or furnace is mostly working fine, then you’re probably wondering whether you really need heater repair. After all, your house is staying warm enough and your furnace seems to be okay, minus that weird noise. How bad could it be?

If a problem, even a minor one, goes untreated for any length of time, it can make the situation worse and potentially ruin your heating system for good. Plus, if your heater isn’t working correctly, you’re losing efficiency, which means a higher energy bill that’s worse for the environment and your wallet. Even seemingly minor issues like clogged filters impact how well your heating system works and minor issues can turn into big ones. If you end up having a major problem with the unit, then you’re left dealing with frigid temperatures, repairs, and stress headaches.

Signs of a failing furnace

While preventative maintenance is key to the long life of your heating system, problems still arise from normal wear and tear. Things to be on the lookout for include:

  • Frequent cycling: Clogged filters, poor circulation, or thermostat issues can cause this and a professional can determine what the issue is and repair it.

  • The blower continuously runs: If your blower seems to always be on, this could mean there’s a thermostat issue or internal malfunction.

  • Your heater doesn’t feel as effective as usual: Several components could be responsible, from clogged filters to failing burners.

  • Unusual noises: If you’re hearing strange noises, it’s time to get your furnace or heater checked. This could signal problems with the blower wheel or motor, which will ruin your unit if not repaired.

  • Odd smells: If you smell burning, must, or gas, turn your furnace off immediately and call us, as these are signs of severe safety hazards that need to be addressed.

  • Liquids pooling around your furnace: Leaking liquids could be either water or fuel. Fuel leaks pose huge safety hazards. Water leaks are likely due to clogged condensate lines. Both issues need to be handled promptly by one of our certified technicians.

Whatever broken furnace problem you have, our experts can diagnose and repair it for you. Our heater repair services are affordable, professional, and high quality, so you won’t have to worry about it again.

What makes Deluxe Air different

Deluxe Air differs from the other companies because we truly care about your experience with us and the quality of our services. Our technicians are hired based on strict guidelines and are comprehensively trained across all heating systems in use today. This means that you’re getting the most knowledgeable and professional service around. We offer 24/7 repairs for emergencies. Our founding values of hard work, honesty, integrity, quality, and fairness ensure that your experience with us can’t be topped. Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, so we always go the extra mile to make you smile.

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